1. Someone set out on a vision to empower the world to learn, oh and that is part of the Canopy Study team.


Providing people around the world with AI-powered learning to reach their maximum potential.


What we stand for and celebrate as a team.

Infinite learning

We’re a non-stop shop for learning, adapting, and daily improvements. It all starts with being forever curious, about absolutely everything. Curiosity incites creativity, and creative people change the world.

Open, and open minded.

We communicate with transparency in mind. We care about ideas and our mission above all else. This is how we communicate outward and include others.

Think big, then think bigger.

We shoot for the stars, and then we shoot for the galaxy. If you think your ideas or thoughts are achievable, then think bigger. To be the hub of learning globally, we must remove our preconceived ideas of what is “normal”.

Always be questioning.

We invite everyone to go against what we think is right, and what we think we should do. It’s everyone’s right, and obligation to think and test the alternative, the what if.

Communicate often.

This means telling the team what you’re working on, and what your plan is. If you’re blocked, don’t wait to tell the team. Sitting on a problem for a day means that the company is not moving forward. At this stage, more communication is always better.

Take initiative.

See something wrong or something that can be done better? Don't hesitate, or wait for someone else to find it. Take action, communicate and if possible, fix it.

Move fast, learn fast.

Product Market Fit is one of the hardest problems we’ll have to solve. This means we need to iterate fast so we can test as many hypothesis’s as we can.

Meet Our Canopeers

These are the awesome people making the wheels turn.

Dean Mikan

Dean Mikan

I'm usually winning in office table tennis tournaments, but when I'm not, I'm helping build incredible software with incredible people, and sourcing daily snacks for the team.

Founder & CEO
Andre Avedissian

Andre Avedissian

I take on a generalist role, from budgeting, to being the office mum, to sales. Outside of this, I spend countless of hours adding playlists to my endless Spotify collection, oh and eating all the daily snacks.

Founder & CFO/COO
Ethan Catzel

Ethan Catzel

I love scaling and building reliable software that “just works”. When I’m not building, coaching, or doing other company things, you’ll be able to find me in the sky.

Founder & CTO
Josh Vinson

Josh Vinson

I am the data wrangler around these parts. My time is divided between putting a mirror finish on our data, building systems that utilise it, and admiring the clouds that float past the window.

Data scientist
Ioanna Moschovou

Ioanna Moschovou

I spend most of my time refining designs, then refining 100 more times - we don't stop 'till we get it right! In between drawing, you'll find me training to be the next table tennis champion of the office.

Graphic Designer

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