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🌱 How To Grow Your Seeds

You've been given 'Basil- Genovese' Canopy Study seeds. Here's how to grow them!

These are the best variety for making pesto. Can be grown in containers. Can be used fresh or dried.

Basil plants are best grown in full sun. Choose a location that will receive at least 6 hours of full sun each day. They have a 60-80 Days To Maturity.

Basil plants can be grown in containers. If possible choose a variety that’s recommended for container growing. Use a good quality potting mix and make sure your container is large enough for mature plants; a minimum of 10 litres is recommended for basil. During the growing season (warmer seasons), keep in mind that container grown plants may need additional fertiliser to encourage healthy growth.

How to Sow Basil Seeds

Basil seeds do not require any treatment (eg soaking, stratification) before sowing.

Basil seeds can be sown directly into the garden OR seedlings can be raised in trays or other containers and transplanted to the garden once established.

Sow Direct

  1. Sow seeds directly in the garden 2mm deep and 30cm apart.
  2. Keep soil moist but never wet or dry.
  3. Seeds should germinate in around 5-10 days at a soil temperature of 18-35°C.
  4. Young seedlings will need protection from pests, pets and weather until they are established.

Raise Seedlings

  1. Fill trays, punnets or jiffy pots with a good quality seed-raising mix, or use soil starter pellets.
  2. Sow seeds 2mm deep.
  3. Keep soil moist but never wet or dry.
  4. Seeds should germinate in around 5-10 days at a soil temperature of 18-35°C.
  5. Transplant seedlings to the garden once they have their first true leaves and are large enough to handle (usually 5-10cm tall).
  6. Plant out, spacing plants 30cm apart.

Tip: Basil seeds can also be sown in the less formal ‘scatter seed’ method. Simply roughen the soil, scatter seeds evenly over the surface, then smooth the soil over lightly to cover the seeds.

Basil plants may need watering during the growing season. Water when the soil is dry about 5cm below the surface (test this by scratching away a little soil with your finger). Water deeply in the early morning or late afternoon.

Optional: To give plants room to grow, thin seedlings when they are large enough to handle. Pull out any weak or small seedlings so plants are spaced about 30cm apart.